Covenant - Sequencer (1996)

I consume the wind that makes you cold
And drink the blood of the bleeding souls
To check your fear and hide the noise
Of howling wolves that steals your voice

I confuse your mind and feed your dreams
To read your thoughts and keep them safe
From harmful truth and the hopeful lies
Of the tempting demon that hurts your eyes

I will protect you from your visions
To save you from illusions
I will protect you from ideals
To save you from defeats

I consume the wind that makes you bold
And suck the blood of the living souls
To make you numb and hide the noise
Of the howling wolves that is your voice

I seduce your mind to fear your dreams
And read your thoughts to keep you blind
From harmful truth and the open skies
Of the outside world before your eyes

In transit you pass among the strangers of the world
Paying tribute to the thief who stole away your shadow
You look into the bedrock and listen to the bells
Calling liquid lust
Call for solid white

I see the stalker in your face
The secrets of your skin
I keep the wisdom that you need
The password that you want
I feel the stalker in your mind
The fire in your veins
No hope to be released

I'm a multitude of travel to the other side
Through the broken wall I saw your fellow man
To the west of the horizon there's a bitter world
And if you try to sense the smell of your face
For you found the keyhole
But you lost your backbone
No courage left to join the march of endless time
You saw the sleep of habit on those who walk in trance
To their catatonic aimless lives

So let them start the engine grinding mountain dust
And reproduce your ego too much is not enough
You dig holes through the earth to meet the king of worms
To steal away his wisdom and learn to decompose

You chant like fifty Indians to charm the prince of eagles
To learn the art of seeing and the tongue of the winds
So don't you try to fool me for I watch your every move
We are kindred spirits like two voices in the wild

We wish so hard to be seen
And dream at night to be heard
And yet we have nothing to show
But false words and broken dreams

I'm the figurehead on the ship of fools
A beacon for the liars in the dark
I'm the first and the last
I claim this land
I'm the lost and the hungry
I need this land

The inescapable face of truth
Spins my head again
Disturbingly unable to stand back
I'm going down

The undeniable sense of wonder
Kicks my head in
Disturbingly unable to escape
I dive to drown

We want so hard to be true
And claim the right to be good
And yet we never seem to know
How to reach promised lands

We work so hard to be wise
And dream of light to be pure
We need brighter death to grow
The clean touch of virgin hands

I'm lost to the world soon to be forgotten
Living in the shadows searching for belief
But my anger is gone and the anvil is broken
The pieces on the ground melting in the silence

I keep my head above the surface
Trying to breath looking for land
I keep an eye at the distant horizon
Waiting for help clutching the sky

My fear is my cross heavy on the shoulders
Learning to be patient burning to be free
So my spirit is strong but my body is broken
My father in the fire dying for survival

Every instant second a suspension of forever
A frail continuous sequence spanning over lives
Blindfolded by stars we roam in our realm
Striving to the very last dwindling at the most

Relentless marching in the waste we produce for living
Tending to forget we are not the lasting kind
Every day we die we are slowly decomposing
The steps we take upon the earth will be worn and lost

As the moment elapsed
We walked in slow motion
Denying the tide
We'll find our devotion

Possessed by our possessions we deny the present
In the gallery of achievements we look upon the past
And as the moment passed away recalling the restraint
Counting and weighing the amount of our breaths

But strong in the knowledge of our lack of purpose
By learning the fear and gaining our composure
Content at the surface descension to come
Peace in our loneliness although all will be lost

As the moment elapsed
We walked in slow motion
Awaiting the tide
We'll lose our devotion

I feel too many affectious obstacles
Water must be allowed to seek it's own level
I don't seek to strive on others' expense
And the expense is mine as they judge my ways

I'm waiting for the rain to fall for days
I'm longing for the flood to sweep this all away

To grind the mountains to the level of the valleys
To cut the trees to the level of the grass
To asphalt the land in the name of equality
Let us grow in mutual respect and care

I will transgress the laws and change the orders
To live within an environment of my choice
So don't force your will or taste to rule over mine
Don't stand in the shadow of my hammer

Drones behold the life that was given
Be aware of the choices within your grasp
Oppose the temptress who leaves you dry
Redeem what was lost unleash your will

Hail the ones who take nothing for granted
Praise the moments of the giving day
Worship the sensation that passes by forever
Conquer yourself for the kingdom of fury

I want to stand in the eye of the storm
I want to get struck by lightning
I want our house to be set on fire
For us to walk without shelter

I seek no rest I seek no shelter
Where weak dwell in the shadow of decay
I want to walk forever with the storm
Until I become the prey anyway

I try to rise in pride, I want to radiate
Walk on water and ride the light
I try to break the chains, I want to penetrate
Cross the borders and drink the oceans

I need to burn my fuel, I want to detonate
Melt the sun and drain the sources
I need to waste my strength, I want to escalate
Turn the tide, conquer the stars

Give me velocity and gasoline
Electricity and adrenaline
I want to be superluminal

I have to go ahead, I want to elevate
Rise above, find the path, I have to look beyond
I want to perforate, reach behind, take it back
I must spread my wings, I want to scintillate
Blind myself, break away, I must be born again
I want to celebrate, stop the clock, never return

No haven will embrace you
No harbour keeps you safe
Your comrades will desert you

No tower reaches heaven
No fortress stands to last
Your desires makes you weak

No science will be mastered
No truth is absolute
Your children won't lament you

No wisdom can be trusted
No glory lasts forever
Your wishes won't be granted

Like torches in the aeon flow
Even suns flicker and die
Forgotten as the ages grow
Eternity is not for you