NamNamBulu - Blind? (2002)

As we have wandered thousand years
through centuries of blood and pain
I don't believe that god can feel
our mere existence

Technology is who we serve
as we kill by remote control
we can not see and do not feel
disaster is coming

It is time to know that it's now or never
There will never be another chance
What is wrong in doing things together
If you try to take another glance
Now that you've been tryin' so hard to get there
It would be a shame to just let go
Nothing's gonna happen if you just stare
Wouldn't it be hard to never know

Is there no way to intervene
to change belief of those who rule
or do we really have to face
our self-extinction

If he has ever been above
then he must truly be asleep
or we must pray for our souls
that he is forgiving

Passing on the street
People that you meet

Hoping to forget
Sadness and regret

Hatred, you compete
Feeling incomplete

Never know who will be
The people that you see

I cannot understand you
Could you please ignore what I've done
You don't seem to even believe me
On my knees, I hope you'd come back
To me

Ignorance is part of me
Ignorance made you leave me
Tolerance I did not give
Tolerance I did not live

Try to understand
why things go out of hand

The colour of your eyes
Tell me all your lies

The same way you believe
You tell what people feel

No way to escape
Suspicion and your fate

I hope I fear
I have the same restraints like you
I see things clear
I wished that you could see that to
But if you leave
I will have no one to support
The things you give
Are teaching tolerance to me

Ignorance is part of me
Ignorance made you leave me
Tolerance I did not give
Tolerance I did not live

I am home
From my past
leave my throne
How would I go on

I have found
My own way
To survive
This devastating game

Time will guide
Days will come
How could I
Be doing nothing wrong

And I'll be trying every day
Be looking for the words to say
I only want to know for sure
If I am able to adore
The reason going through all this
That there'd be still a world to miss
And I the final moment
To see this is true

Time to leave
Memories pass
I won't need
No one to say goodbye

When I change
Who will tell
What has been
And what is going on

I hope to find
Reasons for
The Me right now
And the one I was before

So I kept trying every day
Believed I found the words to say
But still had no one to assure
That things were better than before
All reasoning would cease with this
Why I would keep on seeking bliss
Until the final moment
Believed this was true

I am looking for my guardian angel
Someone who could be my star
To shine the way on which I'm walking
Who can tell me where we are

I must admit that I am lost here
I wasn't meant to live this life
And even now as I am talking
I wished that you would soon arrive

My angel you are somewhere out there
I feel that you are watching me
But how long must I keep on hoping
That you'd be coming down to me

The time I spent just waiting
is filling me with joy
the time I spent just waiting
for powers to deploy
the time I spent just waiting
I feel you coming near
The time I spent just waiting
until I have you here

Take me in
I am looking for cover
For a sin
They should never discover
And if you don't
They will all find out
What I only want you
To know about

Quiet now
I am so filled with cold fear
You know
That I really belong here
For many years
I was so in doubt
From what would happen
If you found out

The loneliest soul
Is trapped in this cover
The longing for love
Is aching all over
The stretching of time
Increases with aging
As all that it wants
Is warmth to release him
The gate once was open
Salvation was near
By saving all others
Was doomed to stay here

I will show
before the day is ending
That I know
From whom I'm really depending
My gratitude
Is all I have to give
By your side
Is where I want to live

Now I see
You helped me recalling
By what you do
You stopped me from falling
There is no one else
Who could ever be
Getting near
This close to me

For 15 days and not one more
I had dreams like non before
The visions I thought could not be
Became my feared reality

What I thought was true till then
Was obscured till the moment when
I woke up from this dreadful dream
My eyes still blurred from what I'd seen

My nightmares they are chasing me
What is the truth of what I see
Would someone please be ending this
Could someone wake me with a kiss

I've had enough of misery
I can not trust in what I see
Awake or dreaming I can't tell
For all to long I'm trapped in hell

I have no words in which to tell
I can't recall how long I fell
It's like I had a second life
Was sent to gunfight with a knife

It was impossible to know
Which hidden bomb was next to blow
And every step that I had done
Could always be my final one