Scream Silence - Saviourine (2006)

Yes I could
Adept myself to crowd
Come down to earth
But it would
Feel like an empty covered
Space and hurt
I would fade to grey
You'll never could
To find me in this sea of grey

And if I would
Be another one
I wouldn't like it
And would change it now
Please yourself
"I change it"
But never would
Like it I'll hate it

Yes I should
Build the wheel
That you can turn the tide
But it would
A bitter setback to my former life
I would fade to grey
You never could
Find me in this sea of grey

My fate to swim against the stream
Through oceans full of glassy meat
Can't return unconcerned
I only drive the chosen path to source

And if you want that I'm another one
You wouldn't like it
And would change it now
Me: died but alive
But never would
Like it you'll hate it

And if I would be another one…

The day… the tears were closer than you ever may
You borrow me your shoulder
Your softly consolation's ended in a kiss
Your tender grace reminds me what I ever missed

The unfelt force
Just like an inward calling
An eternal falling
"Within the night"

Of our recourse
Call of your inner yearning
Just the dawn is warning
That our journey is finite

The fate… was merciful and made you to my mate
The night is getting colder
Your purity is lying undressed next to me
Your taste were so delightful in our unity

So cold and demanding
Were the days of our divorce
Our realm pretended
In the guise of many faults
See our house abandoned
Due our own inane divide
Rearrange our bound to
Stray away to hide in lies

I'll take you home
We're stranded on the trail
Lean you on
I'll guide you through the vale

I close my eyes and
Stay imagine for a while
Reminisce still grieved and
Try to trace another trail

Felt myself abandoned
Like a tear never been dried
Rearrange our bound to
Stray away to hide in lies

Endearing poems of you
Will wipe my faults away
Your gently caress can
Disarm my doubts of faith

And while you elsewhere fuse
In nameless loathsome tales
I plead for twilight come
That brings me back my maid

Forever and ever
Enslaved by your heart
Forever my destiny
And sometimes
They try to tear us apart
But never they break our creed

Guarded by your rood
Your pretended innocence
So indescent and rude
Your greed for endearment

You can follow every lane
But there's no trail
I'm not your muse

You can try it to explain
But that's in vain
This is for sure

Your infinite demand
So boring and embarrassing
Your craving for advance
Just nourish my denial

There is no need to follow
My fairway so blind
'Cause there's a lot you don't know
In the scenery behind

There is no trail
Please stay away
You can just fail
Please stay away

You can follow…

Catch my fall and
Lay your hand on my eyes
Feel the great of worry
That's too late that I'll be thy

Tender thoughts
I'm so sorry I'm a slave of glacial minds
Some cruelty give raise to
Some restraint for some time

The brand of my down cooled entity
Dim my splendid eyes
My delight turns to apathy
In a sorely sigh

Catch your fall and
Lay my hand on your eyes
Feel your alienation
But can't change it in this time

And when you died
My only aim in live
Your tender shine so warm
Surrounds you
The stormy sky
Was suddenly so quiet
The trees deep bend
Their crowns

And when you laid
So pale in my lap
And when the night so cold
Embrace you
Attempt to cry
Where only void remains
The velvet crape in the storm
Still mourning

And when I try to join you
You seem to dream another dream
Can't find the dream where
A gleam our hope for unity

So fragile
Laid your hand in the mine
So softly stroken by the snow
And there behind
Among the tamed storm
The gleam of hope

And when I try…

In thorns of blame
Can't turn the tide
The burden trail

And I drown in me
So cold

When fades a direful second
Like a grave sight to behold inside
And kept me imprisoned
While the crowd around proceed in pride

Cursed of life and living
Tenebrous and cold below
Perish me with forgiving
But ain't let me go

And I drown in me
So cold
And my mind bleeds
So sore

And I gaze
At my disgrace

You've been there so pure and bare
As long as I remember
You roam into and passing through
In every of my slumber

Your graceful charm
Keeping me warm in all these nights
But every dawn
Blows out our home of candlelights

Sweet curse

Below the lines
Of my desire
I'm still waiting

Can't pull the wires
But yearn you're my
Empress goddess saviourine

Your lovely kind just in my mind
The reason of my poems
But inner gloom
That writes the tune only remains

Sweet curse

Splendid like a castle in the sun
But painted by the frown of knowledge
I saw myself obliged to running home
Escape from paradise of crampedness

The fright untied
By the gown
They put me on

I wake up with a start and realize
The black hole sun shows truth in my eyes
Rotten to the core it has begun
To bolt kingdom down - the greedy one

Sweeps the doubt so merciless
Beyond our fragile thoughts
Cherished by in-innocence

And rude we ride our roots
And care the scares we bitterly
Endure devoted to
The thorns of all our wasted tears

And all
Tears we'd undergo
Can't our lies
Countervail in gold

Nous so impetuous
Nous obliged to keep the silence

By the forge of gloom
Quite polite we bear our fears

And all…

Back from yon
And caught in winter
Turn we on
A circle line