Scream Silence - Aphelia (2007)

Nous on broken wings
Blown away
Blends in other thoughts to

Grows an enforced frown
In teardrops while
I forgot
The language to survive

My eyes
Are duller and strained than before
No delight, in my eyes
All I tried
Like flowing sand in my hand
Unrecognized by my withered eyes

Hopes in blisters cause
A cold embrace
And blench in front of my
Invalid haze

In tears I'm bearing
My disguise
The sea of craving
Lies so quiet

Finally you've done the endless thoughts
Believe that every step is guiding homewards
But all of your endeavours have become
To an worthless word
Unsaid for long

And you creep and crawl
On your barren soil
You've been caught
In your own sowed spore

And so deep you are
At your dreary shores
There is nothing to glean
In a lonesome dream

Now you're standing right upright ashore
Proud of your work you have done before
Blinded by the irony you swore
To an worthless word
Unsaid for long

The guess the knowing
The paleness and the glance
Let shades so soundless
Surround our innocence

And we know…

The gloom the brightness
Beyond of the within
And greedy seeks the serpent
For truth in every sin

And we know that we both lost
And we know…

I'm your ruin
And you're my ruins
But don't be scared let's do the wrong

I'm kerosene
And you're the raging blaze
So let it happen lead me on

The plus and minus
The going and return
It does not matter
That antimatter hurts

Countless times in a row
Grow thorns in envy
Cold will hate steady grow

Admiration and scorn
And solemnly you wear
Bruises. careful adorned

But brave I carry on
I never will belong

I'm on the run
I strike me on
And strike me on
Your feigned embellished jaw

I'm on the run
I strike me on
And strike me on
Till nearly cessation
Endure the vitriol

Fairy tales someone wrote
Once about me
No one has ever told

Disturbed in my devout
Cherished reveries
By your incessant fraud

Roam on my sentiment circles
Like a lion in his cage
Untamed - betrayed

Of my delusion in mirrors
In vigilance still - I'm keeping my
Eyes closed

Jailed in the walls
Of my gloomy pressures
Loose my confidence
In my own

And can't get me out

And million doubts
In unwritten letters
Perish all the hopes
To escape
The tighten rope

Now I sense narrowness growing
Under my apathy veil - choking my

And all of my frantic endeavours
Always just flowing into

In the middle of the ocean's roads
Drifts a bottle to find a way home
But couldn't find the way

Careful filled with everything
Once I threw within the raging sea
What I've lost before
In me

The ocean's might
Carry the freight
To bright my life
In seclusion

In oceans tide
A feigned cold smile
To bright my tenebrous

And my cradle of emotions locked
With any bottle I've thrown on any shores
But never noticed by

And the precious freight within
On eternal journey will remain
What I never can't

Just up and down
In raging oceans
Whirling around
Never run aground
And carry all
My deep devotions
Can't hear their call
In oceans growl

You followed me too far
And now is every remedy

To find your avatar
In eversleeping realm of fame

I can't regain
What is lost and sadly broken
I can't regain
What is lost in my own sin

I can't regain
What is left for long unspoken

You gathered all the scars
In your small "believe in" jar
So careless

And aiming for the stars
Greedy for an unsaid verse
The chosen

Is always that what's always been
Just any truth and always
A noble kind of salvation
Just always

Been one for just a second
When twilightness will fade
Just threefold we have met before
Four eyes were full of blaze

When five's the Venus sign
And sex what I won't say
Could seven be so audacious
Watch out don't be afraid

In every sin
Is always that what's always been
Just any truth and always
A noble kind of salvation
Just always

The one and only reason
Two hearts of evidence
The trinity - blind deaf and quiet
For everlasting glance

When five's the Venus sign
And sex what I won't say
Could seven be so audacious
Watch out don't be afraid

Anything we said
In frantic rage before you left our bed
Had better been unsaid

The era of our bond
Were carried by our ignorance for long
So sad to behold

Lonesome ride on
Frozen time to
Find a way
That we could start again
To find the same

And anything we swore
Were fragile lies when we had closed the
Door to fool ourself again
And all what has remained
Is just the insight of our yesteryear
So sad inane

When the curse that I conjured up
Has begun
It will hurt, I've omitted to
Try to ban

And if solely some hurts try to
Guide me on
I will bear and don't change the course
Till it's gone

And sorry, father
A helpless son
Want to yearn, want to run
And sorry, mother
I carry on
To the back of beyond

And so we cover
Up the sun
Want to be where it begun
So we don't bother
Who comes along…
What we miss on the run

In a world where we live in pride
A quiet shout
Where it hurts, we've omitted to
Cry it out
And my soul just keeps clinging on
To my mind
I can't bear this course leading from
Time to time

It seems so far… Aphelia…