Solar Fake - Frontiers (2011)

Leave me here, I'll find a way where I can walk
Just believe me, it's okay if you go

Under the skies it's my heaven
Under the stars I can be home
Turning my back on everything
I always thought it was part of the play

I tried to keep the secrets in my past
But when I'm looking back
I stumble through the darkness in my head

And walls collapse inside of me again
And for a second I am free again
I let your demons guide my way again
And I know I'm dying in the rain

I'm not falling but I never hit the ground
I don't hear the things you say anymore

Within the arms of your courage I don't feel secure
With my eyes wide open I'm running fast towards the day

I tried to keep the secrets in my past
But when I'm looking back
I stumble through the darkness in my head

And your world came tumbling down
And you're cold and you feel so naked
So today you came around
And you just could not believe what you're seeing

And the waves merged right above your head, that night
When you were resolved as never before
Recalling all the things he said
And the light was getting closer and closer

Get me out
I'm wrong and sold
I'm not bleeding
Why did I raise the fire?

Get lost!
I've been crossed off
I'm not feeling
Why did I raise the fire?

Now you take a second breath
And it hurts but you don't feel your body
Everything remains unsaid
There's no tear trailing down your face anymore

And memories reappeared too soon
And your mind is trapped in hopelessness
And again you're dreaming of a better place to be
It's getting closer and closer

How long did I wait for your reaction
The world around has disappeared
There was no chance for interaction
Blind and deaf we veered between joy and fear

When the skies show the direction
Will we go or take the opposite
And when no one follows, are we sure we're still right
But we didn't care about the end

We never asked for a permission
We simply climbed up every wall
Another day, another vision
Eyes were used to see what lies behind

We were falling out of heaven
Crashing hard against the ground
Creeping all the way through hell and back
We never knew when we'll return

All I can say, we have no apologies
No consolation wanted
I promise we don't mind the things you do and what you say
We have no apologies
No desperation needed
But fortune's on our side when we defy all conventions now

We're untouched by your conviction
Even if we fall from grace
Maybe this is our addiction
Not to hide, but breathing free again

We shared our angels and the demons
We tried to mesmerize our life
Another word, another reason failed
Now it's time

The bonds are worn away
The anger sleeps, the world is grey
Can I sense what I never felt
Or did I become too callous instead

So I'm waiting for the day
I threw your promises away
Now I lie amidst the shards
Trying not to hurt myself too hard

When I went through walls of glass
Invisible, but tough to pass
I never questioned the injuries
I don't want to wait for the reprise

I doubt the more I ask
These stains and marks will always last
And I welcome my desire
To drop the things I once admired

And when I turned my back on you
I thought I'm wrong, but that's not true
I'll deal with the disease to remember everything

The truth is plain when thoughts are in vein
I hate to compromise, well, I want more than this
The fury has vented, another end in sight
But I want more than this
And if I fall the world's too small
But really, I want more than this
Your purity, a velvet sea
Your eyes are blinding me

No faith, no calm, no chase, no fission bomb
No breath, no taste, no meds, no human waste
No time to die, no sign to tag the lie
No breaks, no bounds, no space to run aground

We're not blind

No aim, no fear, no need to interfere
No sex, no drugs, no clue how to fix the bugs

The faults are repeating, we crossed the line
Are we just competing against the humankind
The thoughts we're defeating are redefined
And if we're deleted by parasites, well, we don't give a fuck

No tasks, no blame, no charge, no hall of fame
No hell, no bucks, no bed, no sleep, it sucks
No sense, no life, no omen we could survive
No blood, no grief, no cure for the strong belief

Such a shame to believe in escape
'A life on every face'
And that's a change
Till I'm finally left with an eight
Tell me to relax, I just stare
Maybe I don't know if I should change
A feeling that we share
It's a shame

Such a shame
Number me with rage
It's a shame
Such a shame
Number me in haste
Such a shame
This eagerness to change
It's a shame

The dice decide my fate
And that's a shame
In these trembling hands my faith
Tells me to react, 'I don't care'
Maybe it's unkind that I should change
A feeling that we share
It's a shame

Such a shame
Number me with rage
It's a shame
Such a shame
Number me in haste
Such a shame
This eagerness to change
Such a shame

Tell me to relax, I just stare
Maybe I don't know if I should change
A feeling that we share
It's a shame

Such a shame
Number me with rage
It's a shame
Such a shame
Number me in haste
It's a shame
Such a shame
Write it across my name
It's a shame
Such a shame
Number me in haste
Such a shame
This eagerness to change

Such a shame

You are unseizable like the sand that runs through my hands
And you're flowing away with the waves
To alley the pain you can't stand any more

Within your thoughts there is no room for another game
To pretend and to act like whoever expects
There's nothing left to respect

With your arms spread on the floor
You try to forget your life of yore
You are waiting for a better day
When you can ignore the things they say

And your fear is taking over again
The fight and struggle was all in vain
And the stars cannot light the way
To the place where you are today /
2nd chorus: To the place you'd like to be today

You feel the cuts that cover all of your naked skin
You remember each time when a drop of your blood
Has seeped into the ground

And you wonder why it's not hurting anymore
and you bear all the unspoken truths in your mind
There's nothing left to regret

I followed your trace again
But now I feel my strength has waned
I would give everything to see your starry eyes just for one more time

I saw your face so close to mine
An icy breath rose from your lips
When I tried to touch your pale skin
I was falling with my thoughts through time
And I woke up tonight

Another endless hour and I feel I'm alive
I'm turning over again and I attempt to cross the line
Where only nightmares are waiting for me to die

Smudged blood all over my face
The cracks in the mirror distort my unbearable self
A sequence of the morning after and the days to come

I killed the rising doubt – but the scars will never disappear
I killed the rising doubt – and no one's left to interfere
So am I still unbowed – With the stakes and thorns inside of me
I killed the rising doubt

I heard your steps so close behind
A cold draught caressed my neck
And a blurry picture of you
Dissolving when I turned my face towards the light again

My skin is burning, I'm going blind
And I find myself back in this empty room
A fragment of a shattered world right next to me

The walls are too close now, I'm panting for air
And I still cannot remember how I got here
Unable to focus, it's all monochrome
In this unbearable cold

And I can't walk away
Barriers are obstructing the
The unhealed wounds will never ever vanish from my hands

My senses are fading, I'm not going blind
But the world around has lost all its attraction
The answers are grey and I don't care anymore
About the secrets of life

And when the morning comes
I'll feel a kind of strength in my arms
Repeating everything, but it harms
And every second of every day the sand runs through my hands

All my demons collide with the rage in myself I'm not getting over
Frontiers arise where the view was clear and new before
It can't make me cry, 'cause I wasted my tears so many years ago
Pain goes by, but it's leaving me insentient all alone

I opened the door and I tried to get out
But all that I got was another wall
Another prediction and another recall
Another fate in another war

I don't want to break, I don't care about the promises made
I'll never get for what I have paid
Now I feel for the first time that my life is in my hands

The hush in my nerves is killing
The damage remains outside
And again silence has seized the reign

The center of concentration
Is spinning around too fast
If the ground is shaking, will it break?

Can you suffer the pain
Listening to words when they all mean the same

Can you fall into their trap
While you're inside their cone of light

Was it a wrong reaction
Was it the other door
Was it you keeping me off the track

Creeping through dripping venom
Taking a toxic breath
Answering hatred with a kiss

Can you walk on the blade
Are you afraid, are there bounds in your head

Can you jump on the train
Getting you out of the line of fire

I'm still not lost within the maze you've built around myself
I stand between the opened gates, just one step away

I've found you in the tragedies you've staged a long time ago
Racked with guilt, consumed by pain, just a step away

Another day, another pain to endure
But there is something in your eyes that makes me smile
Another word, another time I am mute
And my memories are slowly passing off

When you go away I'll still be inside of you
For the time that remains in an annihilated life
You are the sun resurrecting me
Too many things unsaid, so many dreams undone

Again the scenes are flashing up in my mind
When we laughed and cried and lived and died so free
Did we believe we could outlive what we love
That there's nothing in our way that keeps us apart

When you have to go I will go with you
Whatever it may take, I won't live without you
You are the sun that keeps me alive
Now everything is dark, but we fall into the light

We'll overcome the line of sight